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2008-06-12 : DJ.INC.

DJ.INC. delivers a new mix that flexes his programming muscle, taking you from deep, abstract jazzy house to the biggest room techno in just over an hour… check it out.

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2007-06-02 : dj.inc. – live at apres diem

live downtempo set from apres. part one features dub versions of pink floyd, radiohead, plus jazzy goodness for the first hour before moving into some broken beat, then into house. part two is bubbly, funky house.

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2006-11-25 : Dj.Inc. – Live @ Apres Diem

More live sets from Inc.’s residency at Apres Diem…

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2005-03-31 : Tempo @ Lava w/ Mark Lippert

The full night’s recording from one of our favorite Tempo guest sets. Long before he found his trademark style, Mark “Ma Lipps” Lippert blended up the perfect opener of dubby, smoke house jams for us and set the stage for the great work he’s currently doing with the Warm Art and Cardio crews.

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DJ.INC. : Sitting Here Chillin (From Dub til Dawn) : 2004

dj.inc. sitting here chillin (from dub til dawn)

This legendary “Back to Mine” inspired journey takes you across a sunday afternoon, from smoked out dub vibes, to early morning deep tech sounds.

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dj.inc. – live at east side lounge

This is a great two part live recording of a night at East Side Lounge where I got to play all night from start to finish, so it starts with some deep dubby downtempo before working up to a house vibe in the second part.

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