Here will will feature some pics from our events and parties over the years… we’ve got a lot & will take a while, so stay tuned for more memories to come!

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2008-09-11 : Audio Situations w/ DJ.INC., Greg Adamson, KO
(aka Tina MissDemina Goes to Lava)

Tina MissDemina goes to Lava

*Live Sets*

2007-10-05 : Tempo w/ Kids with

Tempo w/ Kids with Codenames

2006-11-10 : Tempo w/ Coco @
WorkPlay (Birmingham)

Tempo @ WorkPlay

2006-07-14 : Tempo @ The Mark

tempo @ the mark

2006-05-19: Tempo 5 Yr.
Anniversary w/ Coco @ Bazzaar

tempo 5yr Anni w/ Coco

2005-10-27 : Tempo w/ Rick
“Roll-X” Sierra

Tempo w/ Roll-X

2005-09-29 : Tempo w/ Andres

tempo w/ andres lozano

2005-08-27 : Tempo w/ Just Jason

Chris' Clermont Lounge Hat

2005-07-28 : Tempo w/ Neidel

tempo with neidel crisan

2005-06 : Tempo @ Lava (Residents Edition)

2005-06 Tempo

2005-05-26 : Tempo 4 Yr Anni w/
Warm Art, Soco, Earth Deuley @ Lava

2005-05 tempo 4yr anni

*Live Sets*

2005-04-28 : Tempo w/ Daniel Gresham

tempo w/ daniel gresham

*Live Sets*

2005-02 : Tempo w/ Mindub

Tempo w/ Mindub

2004-09-30 : Tempo w/ Tyler

Tempo w/ Tyler Stadius

*Live Sets*

2004-08-26 : Tempo w/ J-Luv

Tempo w/ J-Luv

*Live Sets*

2004-07-29 : Tempo w/ Asad Rizvi

Tempo w/ Asad Rizvi

*Live Sets*

2004-05 : Tempo 3 Yr Anniversary
w/ David Waterman @ Lava

tempo w/ david waterman

2004-05-24 : Tempo w/ Chris

tempo w/ chris lucid

2003-07-04 : Tempo @ Formosa

ghetto turntable suspension

2002-07-26 : Tempo @ Trinity w/
Rich Woods

tempo w/ rich woods (NYC)