Dj.Inc. “Martin, I Need A Doc”

Continuing along with his theme of classic dj-inspired mixes, Inc. tries to capture the sound of one of America’s most prolific djs, Doc Martin. This 3 part mix is part classic house, part filthy tech house, and mixed live using turntables & Traktor.

Coming up in Atlanta, Liquid Groove (aka Liquified) often brought Doc through and he became somewhat of a staple to our scene. Doc really needs to be seen live to appreciate the magic he brings. He isn’t necessarily always the “tightest” dj, but he’s always pushing the envelope and pushing himself. Doc’s not the type of dj to throw on a long track & hit the bathroom–he’s back there working non-stop, hand-crafting a groove on 3 or 4 decks, like no one can.

Probably the one thing I came away with from working on this series is that Doc’s magic truly is special. He’s not an easy one to imitate. I’ve always found Doc to ride a fine line between vocal, uplifting classic garage house and run-you-out-of-the-room dirty, nasty, tech, acid house. That is to say… he’s all over the place, but stays in his own lane.

So, as something that always inspired me about him, I tried to do the same with this series. I’m not sure if it’s representative of Doc at all or not, but it felt right making it! I hope you enjoy!

– – Martin, I Need A Doc (Part 1)

1 Angel Moraes – Welcome To The Factory Feat. Sally Cortez (Instrumental) [Hot ‘N Spycy]

2 Heller Farley Project – We Built This House Feat. Cevin Fisher (Fire Island Mix) [Fluential]

3 Sublevel – Just Us Feat. Lillia (Blackdoktor Dub Mix) [Sublevel Music]

4 Tigerskin – Magic Mood [Suruba]

5 Konrad Black – Devastator [Get Weird]

6 Mark Depulse – I Am Music Feat. Debbizo (Nicolas Masseyeff Long Pressure Vocal Mix) [Ostwind Records]

7 Matt Fear – Nothing Stays The Same (Matico Remix) [Munis Digital]

8 Fanny Cadeo – I Want Your Love (Put The Condom Up) (Mr. Marvin Catwoman Mix) [Orbit Records]

9 Greyship Daviz – This Groove Is On The Loose (My Cousin Roy’S Way Past Due Remix) [N.E.W.S.]

10 Sex Judas – Everything Changes Feat. Ricky (Tim Paris “Mind Power” Edit) [Marketing Music]

11 Kiki & Chaim – Love Kills Feat. Cari Golden (Chaim Version) [Bpitch Control]

(contains various samples & a cappellas) – Martin, I Need A Doc (Part 2)

1 The Rimshooters – Deep Electric (Fabrizio Mammarella Version) [Slow Motion]

2 Slok – My Soul [One Records]

3 The White Lamp – It’S You (Ron Basejam Remix) [Futureboogie Recordings]

4 Florian Meindl – Flashmob [Flash]

5 Thomas Langer – In Love (Art In Motion Remix) [Stranjjur]

6 Mark Fanciulli – Sacrifice [Saved Records]

7 Sasse & Phonogenic – Control (Alexi Delano Remix) [Momentum League]

8 Billy Delassandro – Afterspace [Soniculture] – Martin, I Need a Doc (Part 3)

Noir, Haze – Around (Subb-an Remix) [Noir Music]

Extragalatic Blues Man, Milton Usiku – Love In Vain [Deepness Music]

Anil Chawla – Bells (Kaiserdisco Remix) [KD Music]

Jesse Perez – Jesse Don’t Sport No Jerri Curl [Hot Creations]

Justin Drake, Kevin Griffiths – Nightmoves (Alternate Mix) [8Bit]

SK Project – Your Love is Taking Me Over feat. Roberta Gilliam (Over Dub) [Maxi Records]

808 State – Cubik [Tommy Boy Music]

Belladona – Black Is Back [Irma Records]

Tuccilo – House 19 [Holic Trax]

Dexter Kane – Feel Music [Lower East]

Angel Moraes – To The Rhythm (Sergio Fernandez Mix) [Recovery House]

Catz ‘n Dogz – They Frontin’ feat. Marty Luke [Get Physical Music]

Maya Jane Coles – Getting Freaky [Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams]