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2009-01-08 : CHRIS SHEEHY : Love, Lust & The Jealous Postman

For this first show of the new year for Tempo on Proton Radio, Chris has a special new mix that we think you are gonna like:

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2008-12 : DJ.INC. – Ethereal Rememberance (A Tribute to Johnny Ether)

R.I.P. - johnny ether

This month’s Tempo on Proton Radio brings us a special new 2hr drum and bass mix from

I would like to dedicate this mix to the memory of one of Atlanta’s mainstays in the scene, who we lost last month. Johnny “Ether”…

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2008-11 : CHRIS SHEEHY

Chris takes the helm with a fantastic 2 hr journey through a warm up type set.

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2008-10 : CHRIS SHEEHY & DJ.INC.

New downtempo mix from Chris and some sample-heavy Tech House from Inc.

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2008-09 : DJ.INC.

This month, Dj.Inc. airs a new “future classic” two-hour mix ranging from downtempo to tech house.

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2008-08-14 : Christopher Sheehy

This month on Tempo on Proton Radio, Chris brings you two new mixes conceived deep within the air conditioned recesses of his mixing lab during this hot and sweaty Georgia summer:

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2008-07-10 : CHRIS SHEEHY + DJ.INC.

Aired: July 10th 2008 @ 9am EST
Chris and Ryan bring you two new tech house mixes that are hotter than a summer’s day in Georgia.

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2008-06-12 : DJ.INC.

DJ.INC. delivers a new mix that flexes his programming muscle, taking you from deep, abstract jazzy house to the biggest room techno in just over an hour… check it out.

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2008-05-08 : DJ.INC. + CHRIS SHEEHY

Ryan kicks things off with a wicked new tech house mix, and Chris follows that with a second helping of the good stuff:

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DJ.INC. – Proton Lounge WMC 2005 Demo

In 2005, Proton Radio invited to Miami to play their WMC party. Teamed with rockstars such as James Zabiela, Mazi, Tom Budden & more… Inc. wanted to bring his strengths in the art of the warm up to the party, as well as showcase that in a special set. This sample-heavy downtempo set chills …

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