About the DJs

CJS & Dj.Inc.

DJ.Inc. & Christopher Sheehy have been mainstays in the Southeast scene since the mid-90s. From starting our nights at a friend’s restaurant (then called Terra di Sienna) next to the Fox Theater back in 2001, to a decade’s worth of parties & hundreds of gigs later… we have to thank all of those we’ve met and worked with over the years.

Some of our past special guests include:

Amanda Ray (NY), Andres Lozano, Asad Rizvi (Reverberations, UK), Andy ‘Coco’ (UK : AL), Brandon Sutton, Chris Lucid, Corey Allison, David Michael (VA), David Waterman, Daniel Gresham, Earth Deuley (Low Pressings, Addictive Records, Suspect Package), Jamie Berger (DC), J-luv (Aerotechnica), Joe Copp, Just Jason (Blockhead, Tight Recordings, FL), Kids w/ Codenames, Matt Todd, Mackenzie Leigh, Mark Lippert (Warm Art), Michael Scott (Soco Audio), Mike Schrier, Neidel Crisan, Tim ‘Mindub’ Hiber (TN), Tyler Stadius (Fabric, Deepen, Vancouver), Rich Woods (NY), Rick ‘Roll-X’ Sierra, Rob Dowell (Warm Art, Lobotomy Records), Wes McGee (Warm Art) + of course, ALL of YOU!!

Thank you for all the great years of parties!

-The Tempo Crew-



Beginning in 1998, Chris honed his skills as a bedroom dj in Denver, Colorado where he incorporated the local west coast flavor into his unique style with no limitations on style or genre. Upon moving back to Atlanta in 2001, he and partners Dj Inc and Anthony Durel began hosting the Tempo parties @ an …



Ryan Wofford’s lifelong passion of music has been the driving force in his life since as far back as he can remember. Perhaps it all began on July 3, 1973 while attending an Elvis Presley concert in the comfort of his mother’s womb… Or, perhaps that just explains his affinity for capes?? Either way, after …