2010-11-11 : DJ.INC. : The Basis of Sound + Making of…

This month I thought I would kind of let you in to see a bit of how my creative process worked on this month’s Proton mix…

The Inspiration

The inspiration for this mix actually started with an amazing Sasha mix I’ve been listening to & couldn’t get enough of. Sasha was really the inspiration for me djing to begin with, and while over the years my own tastes have morphed and evolved, Sasha continues to stay relevant by updating his unique sound. This particular live Sasha set seemed to hearken back to the deeper prog sounds he delivered on the seminal GU: San Francisco Disc 1… a sound I was greatly influenced by and haven’t really heard much since.

So, enough rhetoric… here’s the Sasha mix:

Sasha-Never Say Never @ Ushuaia Beach Club,Ibiza 2-9-10 by Sashaofficial

The Acquisitions

After consuming this mix for a couple of weeks, I then went on a hunting expedition to dig up some of my favorite tracks from the mix to purchase over at Beatport.


The Formation

After I got a bunch of new tracks, I did what any good dj would do… poured a few drinks and got behind the decks for a little 4 hour session. I even stepped it up a notch and broadcast the session live for a few friends and Twitter followers on Ustream video, you can check the first hour below.

The Re-Interpretation

After a few listens to my live set, I began to hone in to a few parts of the set that I found interesting and brought those ideas back in to the digital realm. I began to craft a “re-interpretation” of my own live set in Ableton.

The Production

At the time, I thought the Proton mix would be called “Deep Ain’t It” (a title I quickly dubbed the live Ustream video when I was required to enter a title), but when I began to search for some samples I could spice up the mix with, I came across a fantastic sample used by DJ Shadow in a live mix I used to love (which I can’t currently put my hands on, or else I’d share it). So, I added that as the intro to kind of describe a theme and peppered it through the mix a couple of times.

So, that’s basically it… I laid out a bunch of tracks in Ableton Live and touched up the mastering a bit.

I hope you enjoy the result!

The Final Creation

Download or stream the 2 hr mix below, which aired on our ProtonRadio.com show November 11th, 2010:

dj.inc. – the basis of sound
01 Donnacha Costello – Leaving Berlin (Lawrence Remix) [Poker Flat]
02 Culoe De Song – Inspiration [Mule Musiq]
03 Derek Howell – Funky Bear (Masque Remix) [Balkan Connection]
04 Axel Boman – Arcimboldo (Sasse Remix) [Ourvision]
05 Guy Gerber – Hate / Love Feat. Dawn [Supplement Facts]
06 Satoshi Fumi – Java (Stefan Vincent Remix) [Apollo]
07 Lee Jones – Yoyo [Cityfox]
08 Al Calavicci – The Laggard Pace Of Magma [Electric Sheep]
09 Alex Smoke – I 73 Night [Vakant]
10 Slok – Sunshine [Circle Music]
11 Vincenzo, Lovebirds – Epic [Bedrock]
12 Chris Coco, Captain Bliss – Harmonica Track (Deep Mix) [Leaders Of The New School]
13 Shahrokh Sound Of K. – Letting You Go Feat. Siri Svegler (Afrilounge Remix) [Compost Black Label]
14 Karo – Der Taucher (Ara Soundsystem Remix) [Elite]
15 Tanov – Lajoue (Okain Remix) [Cherry Pickers]
16 Bollo – Universe (Sandji’s “sweet & Sour” Remix) [A Must Have]
17 Ryan Davis – Opus (Chloe Harris Remix) [Proton Music]
18 Da Funk – Where Is Your Head (Ivan I & Raygun Remix) [2600 Germany]
19 Birds & Souls – Birds & Souls [Spectral Sounds]

I hope you enjoy & please leave feedback!