2010-10-14 : CHRISTOPHER SHEEHY on Proton

This month Tempo showcases a new two hour set from Chris for your listening pleasure on Protonradio

Join in this week, and discuss on Twitter using #tempoatl starting at 10am with the show.

Part 1

Dj Christopher Sheehy – Sunkissed

Dirt Crew – Deep Cover (Roberto Rodriguez Remix) – Mood Music Records
Franck Roger – Victorias Dreams – FR Productions
The Lost Disko Superstar, Isaac Azzimov – Aerial (Alberto Santini Edit) – Candydeluxe
Manuel Tur – Fianchetto – Delusions Of Grandeur
Pat King – Close Your Eyes – NightChild Records
Andreas Chicks – Go Around (Francesco Bonora Remix) – Digital Noise Records
Tom Lown – Love Potion (Harold Heath Re-Rub) – Lost My Dog
Cristian Padararu – Downside Up – Acute Recordings
Lee Curtiss – I Can Hear You Arthur – Supplement Facts
Derek Dunbar – Played Out – Blackcherry Recordings
Christian Malloni – Keep It Hot – Candy Music
Tom Middleton – Hypnotizer (Roland Nights Remix) – Urban Torque
Rob Regan – Building Walls – NightChild Records
Vibezelect – Do What You Know (Mario Fabriani and Olivier Desmet Remix) – Amenti Music
Lewie Day – That’s The Thing (Lee Curtiss Remix) – Murmur
Martin Nowakowski – Publik – Perplex
Nufrequency – Fallen Hero Feat. Ben Onono (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) – Rebirth
Jay Tripwire – Ronin Feat. Sen Sei (Charles Webster Remix) – SOCO Audio
Big Bully, Adultnapper – Low Point on High Ground – Simple Records
Adultnapper – North of Us – Simple Records
Davor Pomir – Eigensinn – NightChild Records



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