1998 : DJ.INC. : The Abyss Within

the abyss within J sleeveHot on the heels of the first in the Mixtape Series, comes another from Inc.–this time a bit more refined and a bit darker and more introspective. This was more or less a “break up” set. I definitely feel like it transfers some emotions.

– The Abyss Within – Download Side A

T/L Includes:
Goliath – Electric? Funky! [Kosmo Records]
Christopher Lawrence – Shredder (Transa Remix)

DJ.Inc. – The Abyss Within – Download Side B

T/L Includes:
Dario G – Sunmachine (Evolution Mix)

I’ll have to see if I can find it, but it’s dark dirty progressive trance. I place it somewhere around 1998.

The artwork, done by Cameron Redwine really captures the inward journey intended by the set. We had a lot of fun working together because a lot of times he would basically design the cover while I was recording the set live. This one still hangs on my wall…

The Abyss Within Artwork

The Abyss Within by Cameron Redwine